• soil: shale with silt and clay
  • altitude: 350m
  • grape varieties: Ciliegiolo, Alicante (Grenache)
  • age of vineplants: 5 years
  • surface: 1ha
  • density: 4.500 plants/ha
  • yield: 1.500 kg/ha
  • organic grapes grown without synthetic pesticides
  • harvest: manually in 15kg cases
  • sponteaneous fermentation with native yeasts
  • no sulfites added
  • 24 hours skins-maceration
  • aging for 6 months in steel vessels
quantity bottles
total SO2
free SO2
total acidity
volatile acidity
vol. alc.
glucose/ fructose
malic acid
2020 1.400 13 4 7,8 0,60 12,5 2,06 0 3,72
2022 1,500 25 18 9,0 0,40 12,5 0,70 0 3,34

The Pergolacce is a red wine which come from a newly planted vineyard located in an area which is called pergolacce. This vineyard of 1 ha consists of half Ciliegiolo and half Alicante (Grenache), planted in 2015 with the aim to provide a base for a fresh and fruity red wine with short skin contact maceration.. The two grape varieties are harvested by hand separetely according to their ripeness. After destemming the most starts its natural fermentation with the skins, but after 24 hours of skin contact fermentation the most is lightly pressed and continues its fermentation without the skins. Once the alcoholic and the malolactic fermentation is over, the wines of the two grape varieties are mixed together and will stay for about 6 months in a steel vessel, before being bottled in springtime.
The Pergolacce is a wine with light violet color and is full of of fruity freshness and silky smoothness. Tecnically it is a "rosé", but the ciliegiolo and the alicante grapes, even though only for 24 hours on the skins, releases so much color that it is called more appropriately "light red wine". The high acidity and the soft tannins make it very pleasant to drink - in fact it's a perfect "glou-glou" wine. Even though not aged in wood barrels and being ready for drinking already after half a year after the harvest, it is expected that it has nevertheless enough substance for preserving its freshness at least for about 5 years.

Presently the Pergolacce can be found in Austria at Vinifero (Vienna), in Denmark at Il Buco (Copenhagen), in Japan at Vinecco (Tokyo), in Italy at Bibo Potabile), at Rollingwine (online shop) and at La Valigia di Bacco (Sicily), in The Netherlands at Vinum Naturale / Angolo Vinoso (Amsterdam), in USA at Scuola di Vino, in Australia at VinoMito.

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